Our Team

Liliana Gonzalez R.D.A.

(Dental Assistant)

Liliana Gonzalez R.D.A.

Lili grew up in Houston,Tx and graduated as an RDA from Concorde College in Memphis, TN. Lili has been a Registered Dental Assistant since 2008.

She is very passionate about cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, and endodontics. Delivering exceptional care and comfort to patients is one of her major priorities.

“Come on, everyone knows that sitting in a dental chair can be quite intimidating and uncomfortable. So let’s chat about life before we discuss about why you’re really here for”.

Lili strives to create and establish a personal relationship with the patient. She is quite known for being a chit chat! She enjoys the opportunity to incorporate her photography skills in the dental field. When she is not working the dental office she is busy with her beautiful family and her photography. Lili married her 5th grade crush and they both have 2 beautiful children Lianah and Julian!

“Dentistry is a form of art! We get to express our passion for art by changing peoples smiles and faces! The transformation that our patients go through is not only visual but very emotional”. Lili brings so much emotion and ecstatic passion to the journey of a patients transformation! 

Karina Jimenez.

(Patient/ Insurance Coordinator)

Karina Jimenez

Karina is the smiling face at the front desk at Aesthetic Smiles Dentistry. Karina is a patient coordinator and insurance coordinator at our office. She is in charge of scheduling and verifying dental insurances prior to patients' visit to make sure each appointment goes smooth. She will also offer to make the most delicious coffee or anything that would elevate our patients' experience.

"My main priority is to be able to deliver exceptional customer service. I love helping others and strive to have a great relationship with everyone. Aesthetic Smiles Dentistry is where you can not only get your beautiful smile, but also get to enjoy a cup of coffee and chat with us."

Her favorite thing about working for Aesthetic Smiles Dentistry is their willingness to go over and beyond for each patient to make sure out patients are comfortable and happy throughout their treatment. "Working for them is like having a second family; you can rely and trust in them."

On her free time she enjoys cooking and traveling with friends and families.